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In yesterdays analysis, I compared Janet Yellen to an athlete running the high-hurdles at a track meet. Her finish line is a rate hike on December 13.

The hurdles are inflation data, the Trump tax cut, and a government shutdown on December 8. She has to clear all three hurdles to make it to the finish line.

These hurdles are all conveniently time-stamped. The inflation data came out this morning, the tax bill vote is scheduled for Friday, and the government shutdown is scheduled for next Friday, December 8.

As New York Mayor Ed Koch used to ask, “How am I doin’?”

Well, the inflation data this morning was decisively indecisive.

The particular metric in focus was the personal consumption expenditure core deflator on a year-over-year basis released monthly by the Commerce Department with a one-month lag. Call it PCE Core year-over-year for short.

Sounds technical, but it’s important because that’s the number the Fed watches. There are plenty of other inflation readings out there (CPI, PPI, core, non-core, trimmed mean, etc), but PCE Core year-over-year is the one the Fed uses to benchmark their performance in terms of their inflation goal.

stock market performance: Gener8 Maritime, Inc.(GNRT)

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Shanthi Rexaline]

    Frontline might be evaluating a new tanker company target such as Gener8 Maritime Inc (NYSE: GNRT), away from DHT Holdings Inc (NYSE: DHT), Lewis said. This was substantiated by the fact that Frontline sold 1.7 million shares of DHT in March, followed by 2.4 million shares in April and May. Though Frontline holds about 6.8 million shares of DHT, the Credit Suisse analyst said a deal is unlikely.

stock market performance: American Assets Trust, Inc.(AAT)

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Markus Aarnio]

    Owens Realty Mortgage’s competitors include American Assets Trust (AAT), Alexandria Real Estate Equities (ARE) and Boston Properties (BXP). American Assets Trust has seen five insider buy transactions and four insider sell transactions this year. American Assets Trust has a dividend yield of 2.78%. Alexandria Real Estate Equities has seen 14 insider sell transactions this year. Alexandria Real Estate Equities has a dividend yield of 4.10%. Boston Properties has seen one insider buy transaction and four insider sell transactions this year. Boston Properties has a dividend yield of 2.43%.

stock market performance: Foot Locker, Inc.(FL)

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Paul Ausick]

    Foot Locker Inc. (NYSE: FL) dropped about 7.5% Monday to register a new 52-week low of $31.79 after closing at $34.38 on Friday. The 52-week high is $79.43. Volume was around 20 million, about 5 times the daily average. The company reported poor results Friday morning and investors have not finished administering punishment.

  • [By Matt Hogan]

    SKX is also highly attractive in a relative basis when compared to several of its publicly traded peers: Foot Locker, Inc. (NYSE: FL), Deckers Outdoor Group (NYSE: DECK), Wolverine World Wide, Inc. (NYSE: WWW) and Columbia Sportswear Company (NASDAQ: COLM). The company's forward EBITDA multiple of 6.9x is equal or below all of the comparable companies: FL (6.9x), DECK (7.6x), WWW (10.1x) and COLM (10.8x).

  • [By Lisa Levin]

    Foot Locker, Inc. (NYSE: FL) posted stronger-than-expected results for its third quarter.

    Foot Locker posted quarterly adjusted earnings of $0.87 per share on revenue of $1.87 billion. However, analysts were expecting earnings of $0.80 per share on revenue of $1.83 billion. Its same-store sales fell 3.7 percent during the quarter.

stock market performance: CRB Futures Index(CR)

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Monica Gerson]

    Crane Co. (NYSE: CR) is expected to post its quarterly earnings at $0.86 per share on revenue of $644.60 million.

    Oceaneering International (NYSE: OII) is projected to post its quarterly earnings at $0.35 per share on revenue of $641.85 million.

  • [By Lisa Levin]

    Crane Co. (NYSE: CR) shares were also up, gaining 12 percent to $67.56 on stronger-than-expected Q3 earnings.

    Equities Trading DOWN

stock market performance: Pershing Gold Corporation(PGLC)

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Sara Cornell]

    Leading the way is CEO Edward Karr. As a founder of Pershing Gold Corp (NASDAQ:PGLC), he currently serves on their Board of Directors, and has been active in the natural resource industry for many years. With a background in finance and investment banking, Karr is credited with raising capital to begin operations at US Gold Corp, and establishing financing for both the operational and exploration sides of the company.

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